Why us

Why Dexter Classes

Healthy Competitive Environment

We periodically organize quizzes and activities in the class to generate a healthy competitive environment. This makes the students even work harder.

Structured Courseware

Our dynamically planned course structure helps the students to have a solid grip over the subject. Theory and numerical are given equal importance.

Proper Notes For Every Topic

It is a scientifically proven fact that writing helps in remembering better than reading , hence we dictate notes for every topic and make the students write for themselves.

Online Courses Facilities

We provide online classes using various communication platforms for your ease, All courses are available online.

Presentation Skills

Apart from the subject knowledge, we also train our students for their presentation skills. This helps them a lot in writing an exam or presenting a project effectively.

Qualified Teachers

We have well qualified, experienced and confident teachers who devote themselves completely to bring out the best in every student.

Regular Assignments

Students are given regular assignments after the completion of every chapter. We periodically give them assignments related to previous chapters too which facilitates proper revision of the chapters already done. This way they never go out of touch with any chapter.

Regular Doubt Clearing Sessions

Doubt clearing sessions are organized weekly so that every student has his concepts crystal clear. Besides , we entertain phone calls by the students if they get stuck somewhere and require instant doubt elimination.

Stress Management

Our students often hear success stories and motivational speeches by us which keep their morale high and make them confident enough to handle stress. We help every student in making a proper time table for their regular studies. We also give them customized strategies to handle exam fear and stress.

Completion Of Syllabus Well In Time

We make sure that the syllabus is completed well before time , so that the students get proper revision and practice before their exams.

Review Session

Test papers are reviewed at the time of test result declaration, so that the students become aware of their mistakes and weak areas. This makes them improve every time.

Integrated Approach Of Teaching

We not only prepare students for School/Board Examinations but also for Entrance Exams of Engineering and medical.

Individual Attention

Different students have different capabilities and skill set. Keeping this in mind we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of every student individually. A customized strategy is then prepared for every student and then students are motivated to follow those strategies. Every student is individually monitored and mentored periodically towards their improvements.

Regular Parents –Teacher Communication

We believe that the parents are the primary coaches for their children. So parents are regularly informed about the performances , assessment results , absence and  non-submission of work. We regularly interact with the parents in order to bring the best out of our students. We seek  advices from the parents and suggest them ideas and strategies to implement at home with the students so that the best results can be produced.

Periodic Assessments Test

Students are made to write assessment tests regularly. Our tests follow a cumulative approach which include the recently done chapter(With higher weightage) and the previously done chapters. So every time the student has to revise previous chapters too. This brings him the command over the subject.